Hearing Centre

  • India's first exclusive SIEMENS BEST SOUND CENTRE.
  • India's first ALL WOMEN hearing centre
  • Mrs. Deepa Sudhakar runs the Audiology & Hearing unit
  • Sound proof testing room
  • Pure tone Audiometer for Hearing acessment
  • mpedance Audiometer for middle ear Analysis
  • SSR,OAE,BERA for Hearing screening of new borns, infants and children.
  • Complete range of Hearing aids like Pocket model,
    Behind the ear model, In the canal model, Programable Digital models.
    Bluetooth and wireless models,mobile controlled models
  • Hearing aid sales , service and programming .
  • MOBLE HEARING UNIT - for free hearing screening in rural areas
  • SPEACH THERAPHY for deaf-mute,stammering,

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