• Tonsil and adenoid surgeries for recurrent sore throat, cold, mouth breathing
  • Endoscopic sinus surgeries for sinusitis, Headache, nose block, Allergy , Deviated nasal septum
  • ENT Laser surgeries Coblation surgeries with minimal pain and blood loss for Tonsils,Snoring,Sinus ,Allergy and Voice change
  • Painles unsedated transnasal esophagoscopy for early detection of throat cancer acid reflux
  • ENT injuries
  • Head&Neck surgery, Cancer surgery
  • Micro ear surgeries for ear discharge , deafness
  • Micro laryngeal surgeries for vocal cord/ voice problems
  • Thyroid surgeries, Rigid esophagoscope and bronchoscope, Salivary gland surgeries

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